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Welcome to Volksfiesta.

Letter from the Principal

‘Volksfiesta’ – The People’s Festival, hosted by Deens Academy is here again!

Volksfiesta  is an opportunity to showcase talents and build on  excellence through competition with the best. Deens Academy invites you to compete with your best and the brightest contingent for the promise of taking back the glory symbolized by the ‘Volksfiesta Trophy’ , on the 19th August at, Deens Academy Whitefield , ECC road.

The sports events will be on 15th, 17th and 18th August and all cultural events will be on 19th August.


Please read through to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and other arrangements


Warm Regards,

Mrs. Shanthi Menon


School Acceptance

Thank you for participating in this Volksfiesta. By registering, you affirm that you will abide by the competition rules and guidelines. We believe in fun, free and fair competition.

We are grateful for your participation and will work with you to make it a highly successful event.

Steps for your school to register for the competition:

  1. Please email us to confirm your participation.
  2. Registration closes on August 10th 2016.Kindly scan and send the entry forms bearing the names of the participants on or before that day beyond which the entries will not be entertained.
  3. The forms have to be signed by the Head of the Institution.
  4. Kindly provide us with the following information:
  • Name of the School,
  • Address of the School,
  • Name and contact details of the Coordinator from School
  • Participant Details as an attachment in your email (format will be mailed to you).
  1. On the spot entries will not be entertained.
  2. The number of registrations per event is limited and therefore will be on ‘First come first served’, basis.
  3. Payment of registration fee is Rs 50 per participant for all cultural events.
    (This can be paid on the day of the event at our school, while physically endorsing registration)

You can reach the event coordinator for confirming your registrations and for any clarifications at:

General Guidelines

  1. Participants need to bring their respective school ID Cards
  2. Participants will have to be accompanied by a staff member from the school.
  3. Participant badges will be given to the participant and to the accompanying visitor, which will be collected from the registration desk.
  4. Food stalls will be available at the venue for the visitors.
  5. First aid facility is provided.
  6. A team of volunteers/ teachers will be allocated to every school to take care and coordinate with the participants of that school
  7. Parents of participants are welcome on days of the competition.
  8. The host school reserves the right to deny registration of a participant / team should the documents requested do not comply to the guidelines.

Awards and Recognition

  1. Triathlon event on August 15th is an open event( not through the school) Cash prizes for the event will be distributed on the same day along with certificates.
  2. Trophies and certificates for Football and Basketball matches will be given at ECC road on 18th August
  3. Trophy and certificates for all other events will be given away on 19th August during the closing ceremony at Deens Academy, Whitefield.
  4. Decision of judges / referees will be final.